Giggle 'n' Splash



The Giggle ‘N’ Splash Programme follows the STA International Learn to Swim Programme (ILSP) and brings the gentle principles of the Birthlight approach to the pool, thus providing the children and their parents with a nurturing and respectful environment where confidence and safe practices are promoted even with the tiniest of our swimmers.

There are 3 stages according to baby’s age.  Classes are held once a week for a term of 10 sessions for each stage.

Giggle SplashersAges 3 - 12 monthsILSP STARFISH stages 1-2-3
Giggle PaddlersAges 12 - 24 monthsILSP STARFISH stages 4-5-6
Giggle SwimmersAges 2 - 4 yearsILSP STANLEY stages 1-2-3


Giggle Splashers:

(ILSP Starfish Awards, steps 1-3)

This is the first level of Parent & Baby Classes.  This class introduces basic water confidence practices to babies at a slow and nurturing pace. The emphasis is upon trust and instilling a close bond between parent and baby. We introduce and teach each parent the correct holds and support techniques for their baby while in the pool environment.

Trust and a sense of relaxation is achieved by understanding your baby’s needs and being in tune and responsive to their achievements while also being aware of potential signs of anxiety. Through preparation cues and repetition the Giggle Splashers soon begin to enjoy the weightlessness in the water and the feeling of free movement to play, kick, splash, float and submerge.  It’s amazing watching what they can do, even at this age!



 Giggle Paddlers:

(ILSP Starfish Awards, steps 4-6)

Baby is getting stronger and more responsive. His movements are voluntary and he should have built a foundation and good acquaintance with the water. He has previously experienced a slow gentle approach to the swimming pool environment through nursery rhymes, changes of position and floating techniques. His confidence levels should be good.

The Giggle Paddler learns through play. His gross and fine motor skills are developing well which means the activities within the pool will need to be fun, challenging and ALL efforts must be positively reinforced.

Safety practices are particularly important to instil at this age, and must be learnt!

In this stage we are using a variety of activities through song and play to aid development.  Jumping, submerging, floating, kicking, gliding, stretching, blowing bubbles……



 Giggle Swimmers:

(ILSP Stanley Awards, steps 1-3)

We are now an excitable little bunch!  The toddler still wants to learn through play and vary activities regularly as his attention span is short. He needs a little more emphasis on structured play, encouragement is key as is praise!

Toddler should be happy to splash, kick, change position at different speeds, have breath control on submersions (with preparation cues) and float.

His confidence levels should be excellent in the water so we can put more emphasis on building independence in the water. This comes from decreasing support from the parent.  Once the Giggle Swimmer has learnt to float, lift his head from the water to breath and independently move arms and legs to create propulsion, then free movement leading to swimming should be encouraged.