Giggle 'n' Splash



Q: When can I start bringing my baby to Giggle ‘N’ Splash?
A: You can bring your baby to Giggle’N’Splash as soon as they are 3 months old.  We find that babies, having spent 9 months in the watery womb, have a natural affinity to water and starting at an early age allows them to learn skills with more ease.  However you can bring your baby to Giggle’N’Splash at any age between 3 months and 4 years.

For infants younger than 3 months please have a look at our Bath Babies programme on the main menu.

Q: Where do you hold your lessons?
A: Lessons are held exclusively at YUE Healthier Living in Naxxar. Their hydrotherapy pool is heated to 32° C which is perfect for our Baby Aquatics classes even for the littlest ones and those born premature.  The pool water is Salt Chlorinated and the air filters are fitted with special UV air purifiers.  The pool is booked for exclusive use by Giggle’N’Splash classes so there will be no interruptions or distractions for our little ones. The facilities offer clean baby changing rooms with nappy changing tables, showers and lockers.

Q: What is the fee?
A: The fee for a term of 10 lessons is €190. This includes pool hire, any equipment used during lessons and a certificate of participation on completion of the term.  Full payment is required upon booking of a term and no lessons can be paid for individually. We also offer a 10% sibling discount for the younger sibling attending during the same term.

Q: How do I book a place?
A: Go to ‘BOOKING‘ on the main menu to see the schedule for the upcoming term.  The new schedule will be uploaded once bookings are open.  If no schedule is visible yet, please check again when bookings open on the date provided.

Q: How many babies are in each class?
A: Classes are of 6 child-adult pairs. This allows for individual attention during lessons and for the parents and babies/toddlers to get used to their fellow group members and have the opportunity of sharing similar experiences and creating a supportive group.

Q: How long are the lessons?
A: Lessons have been designed with your little one in mind. Due to the amount of body heat your baby will lose while in the water and the amount of energy they will use, 30 minutes is optimum for baby to have fun and feel comfortable.

Q: What should I do if my child is unwell? Will they miss out?
A: If you miss a lesson speak to us, we are parents too and we understand that sometimes it is unavoidable. We cannot offer a refund, or guarantee a replacement lesson, but we will do our best to let you know when someone will be absent from another class so you may attend instead of them.

– If you or your child have a chest, ear or eye infection you should not come to the pool until it has completely cleared.
– Strictly don’t bring your child to the pool if they are suffering from diarrhea, and not until 48 hours from the last episode of diarrhea.
– Please do not come to lessons if you or your child have anything that may be contagious such as covid-19, chickenpox, fungal infections or skin infections.

Q: What should my baby wear?
A: Babies/toddlers must use the double nappy system unless FULLY potty trained. This is a disposable/reusable swim nappy underneath snug- fitting neoprene swimpants. Please note that a regular nappy will absorb pool water and not only will it be useless as a nappy but will also weigh baby down as it fills with water. You will not be allowed to enter the pool without both correct layers of nappy and swimpants since leakages will contaminate the pool water and make it unsafe for yourself and others. We take hygiene and safety very seriously.

Q: What should I bring with me to lessons?
A: Apart from the double-nappy system including a disposable/reusable swim nappy and the neoprene swim pants to go over the swim nappy, the following will be needed:

– a swim cap (only if child is older than 6 months) and a hooded towel/poncho for your little one.
– a healthy snack for after the lesson as your child is likely to be hungry afterwards, however please keep these for after you leave the pool area.
– a changing mat or extra towel to place under your baby in the changing rooms.
– a towel for yourself.
– your own swimwear and appropriate footwear as well as a swim cap.

Q: What if my baby is tired or hungry?
A: If your baby is tired or hungry they are unlikely to enjoy their swimming lesson. Try and allow baby to have a little nap before coming to lessons. For breast or bottle-fed babies it is ideal to offer them a SMALL feed immediately before the class (or even withdrawing for a few minutes during the class) if necessary. However please refrain from a full feed in the hour before class. Older babies on solids should not have a meal in the hour before class to prevent regurgitation in the water.

Q: My child has special needs, can I bring her/him to Giggle‘N’Splash?
A: Yes, our classes are inclusive. Our programme is designed by an Occupational Therapist as well as a Baby Aquatics Teacher who has several years of experience with special needs so please feel free to call us to talk it through with her.

Q: My toddler hasn’t been to aquatics classes before, can he come to Giggle ‘N’ Splash?
A: Absolutely! In fact your child can start attending Giggle‘N’Splash classes at any age between 3 months and 3.5 years. Each stage focuses on nurturing confidence. We know that each child develops and learns at their own individual pace so we adjust our activities accordingly making sure that it’s fun all along.

Q: I am very nervous in the water and not a confident swimmer – should I still bring my baby?
A: Yes! Bringing your baby to Giggle‘N’Splash classes may help you improve your water confidence and help you ensure that your baby does not develop a fear of water. We will teach you how to hold your baby safely so that baby will feel reassured by your hold. Let us know if you have any concerns. You can rest assured that you will not be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with. The pool is 1.2 metres deep so an average height person can stand in the water safely.

Q: Will I need to bring armbands or other equipment?
A: No, we provide all swimming equipment and toys for the lessons. We don’t use armbands or other flotation devices as the parent will be supporting the child in the water. As your child progresses we will introduce noodles and floats as learning aids.

Q: Can both parents attend?
A: Only one adult per child is allowed in the pool with baby for the lesson. This may be either of the parents or even a grandparent/aunt/uncle. If you have twins then an adult for each child will have to attend the lessons. Other adults wishing to watch the lesson may do so from the viewing area.

Q: What qualifications do you have?
A: We believe that teaching precious little babies and toddlers is a very special job which requires special training. Our teachers are specifically trained and qualified with the UK’s STA holding the Baby and Preschool Swimming Teacher’s Award level 2. Our head teacher is also an Occupational Therapist and holds the highest possible qualification in Baby Aquatics, namely the STA Diploma level 3 and furthermore, is a fully qualified BIRTHLIGHT Baby Aquatics practitioner. Our method follows the Birthlight method in Baby Aquatics which ensures a gentle and respectful approach towards the child thus empowering the child rather than conditioning the child. The Birthlight method is often compared to the Montessori method in early years education.
All teachers are First Aid qualified and hold the International Lifesaving Award for Swimming Teachers by the STA – UK.

Q: I have read about submersion (putting baby underwater) and I know some swim schools insist on this very early on – it scares me a bit! What is Giggle‘N’Splash’s approach?
A: Giggle‘N’Splash is all about nurturing water confidence through acknowledging the individual developmental stage of each child, ensuring that the experience is positive and fun. In line with the Birthlight method, we strongly promote ELECTIVE SUBMERSION, which means that the child is encouraged to go underwater only if, and when, they choose to do so themselves. Submersion is an important step in learning to swim, and though we encourage it, we strongly believe that the child learns this skill better if they are not forcefully pushed under water by the parent or teacher.

Q: Can I benefit from a tax rebate on the fee I pay at Giggle’N’Splash?
A:  Yes, Giggle‘N’Splash is registered with SportMalta as a provider of Baby & Toddler Aquatics, therefore you can apply for the tax rebate on sport activities.  You will need to keep the original VAT receipts we give you once you settle payment.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A:  We will offer a full refund if a place is cancelled prior to 10 working days from the course starting date. There will be an administration charge of €30 if a confirmed place is cancelled during the period of 10 to 4 working days before the course starting date. There will be no refund if a confirmed place is cancelled 3 working days before the course begins or later.


If you have any questions which haven’t been answered above, please feel free to give us a call on 79394387 or send us an email on or use the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page – we will get back to you as soon as possible.