Giggle 'n' Splash



Benefits for Baby:

– Aquatics classes allow babies and toddlers to move independently long before they are able to crawl or walk. This contributes to a healthy motor development and improves the function of the skeletal muscles.

– Movement in the water facilitates the development of coordination and balance as babies learn to roll and move bilaterally in the water.

– Baby Aquatics may help improve eating and sleeping habits.

– Just as in adults, moving in the water improves the cardio-respiratory function of babies as well as their general health.

– Baby Aquatics promotes independence and self-confidence as babies delight in their achievements and quickly develop social and expressive skills as they play in the water.

– As they progress babies build their water confidence and learn essential water safety skills.

Premature babies and babies with a special needs benefit particularly from Baby Aquatics as this may help re-capture stages of motor development that may have been missed and can complement physiotherapy and occupational therapy programmes.


Benefits for you too……

– Baby and Toddler Aquatics classes offer gentle exercise of the kind suitable for new mothers.

– Swimming with babies is very relaxing for the adults.

– Spending time in the water and engaging in a focused recreational activity with their babies and toddlers is a good way for the accompanying adults to unwind and relieve stress.

– Baby Aquatics promotes bonding and building of trust between adult and baby.

– Adults who are weak swimmers or cannot swim may increase their water confidence.